Roman Notes
Roman Notes

"Roman Notes" an open source city guide for Rome

Find some of my 300 drawings of Rome on this interactive map by zooming in on the clustered markers. If you click on a marker and move the cursor, you should see the enlarged drawing. Use the full-screen mode to have more space. More drawings will be added during the next weeks.

"Architecture of Rome"

In 2005 I followed the architect Giovanni Battista Cipriani's intinerary "Architecture of Rome" from 1835 and drew about 350 places in Rome.

Itinerario by Giovanni  Battista Cipriani

I always made the first sketch in the reprint of Cipriani's book. Click here {30 MB} {4 MB} to see some sample pages of my research.

cipriani architecture of rome

Discover the city

In 2009 I published "Roman Notes" a 280-pages travel guide, half of which is blank to draw or write about the city. From my research I have selected 64 places, which are documented by a map and a sketch. To share the experience of Rome, I suggested that every annoted book that will be returned to me in 2020 on loan becomes part of a group-exhibition.

roman notes

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From the first edition, there are about 100 books left. If you want to participate, you can get your copy here: